Friday, December 7, 2018

Unemployment to Small Business

Now days lots of people facing unemployment problem, we want to work but unable to find work related to our profession, if found it is not fix job any time we can get from 100 to 0 income.Why not we should create other income source. Which will help us to leave life without any shortage of income.Here I will tell what are business source which we should start according to our Interest, ability and budget for better understanding I have divided business category here. in four category's.

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      (I) Blogging

     Now day’s blogging is very profitable business you can work with comfort at your home, for blogging you need a domain name hosting and unique thought you can publish on your website by which traffic will come at your blog.You can earn by advertisement, Google adsense, Promoting product and Affiliate.    

(II)  You Tube

You Tube is another business source if you have good creative ideas acting talent or anything which is interesting to audience, shoot videos and upload on your You Tube Channel, you can earn by advertisement.

(III) Affiliate Marketing

Whenever we buy something people ask from where you have bought that thing we have to purchase too, you simply give address and promote their product without any charge,affiliate marketing give us opportunity to earn money.

There are some online shopping site who provide affiliate we need to register and promote their banner product on our web page if someone buy their product we get commission.

(IV). Translation of Data

There are lots of Advertising agencies who need to translate their advertisement material in different language, if you have good skill of different language, you can earn good income
by translating.

(V) Stock Marketing

Stock marketing is a good online earning platform, for this business you need to be learn about stock market, you have to collect lots of knowledge. And open Demat account and trading which your bank can provide easily.

 2.  Home based business

(I) Tuition Classes

If you have good teaching skills you can start Tuition classes at your Home for doing this business you will need a black board benches and space.

(II). Tailoring

Tailoring business you can start at your home, for doing this business you need a stitching machine,needle, scissor, inch tape, choke.

(III). Spoken English and foreign language Classes

people want to learn English and foreign languages, if you have knowledge of different languages you can start spoken classes at your home.

(IV). Dance Classes

Dance classes is best business if you know this skill you can start this business at your home to earn good income.

3. Low cost investment business

If you have some savings you can start this low investment business

(I). Clothing Business

Clothing business is evergreen it will not let you in loss. you can buy clothes at wholesale price and you can start your clothes shop.

(II). Mobile repairing shop

If you have skill of repairing mobile you can start mobile repairing shop by low investment.

(III). Fast food shop

People love healthy and tasty food, this time fast food is popular, you can 
serve them tasty and healthy food by opening a fast food shop in a good location and you can earn a good income by low investment.

(IV). Graphic Designing Service

If you have Designing skill and creative knowledge, it can let you go in good profit. You can start your designing office, individual or initiate as an organisation by hiring creative and expert, branding, technical knowledge expertise.

(V). Car Washing Service

People like to drive neat & clean car, they ready to give money for their car washing, you can start car washing service in low investment.

4. Part Time Business

(I). Account Maintaining

Account maintaining service you can start if you have knowledge of accounting, there are lots of shop and firm you can contact them.

(II). Insurance Agent

Becoming a Insurance agent is profitable business, you can work as part time or full time, you need to sell their Insurance plan by which you can earn a good commission.

(III). Buy and Sell Domain Name

Domain name buy and selling is like we invest little amount and get big return, if you buy good domain name it can be profitable, when you see price increasing according to you, you can sell it and get good money.

(IV). Computer Repair and Networking

Computer Repairing and Networking part time business you can start if you have good knowledge about repairing and networking, you can contact firm for AMC.

(V). Social Media

If you enjoy spending time on Social media this part time business is your, now days many people and firm get good publicity from social media platform, some people or firm don't know what to publish on their social media site, some know but they don't have time to operate, you can handle their social media for fixed monthly or annual charges.

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