Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How To Deal With Bad Colleagues at Work

How to deal with bad coworkers
As we know in office there are difference kind of people working with us, some people are very polite and helping nature and some have bed thinking with others who work with kind attention, let’s talk about bad colleagues, who is bad for others you know? bad meaning who interfere on others work and don’t have skill of working always want to show to
Boss that he is doing hard work for company, and take credit of others work. Those people who did bad thing I would like to say that they have genetic disease and they are very ill internally.

How to handle bad colleague

As we know every office has these type of people who are negative with others so we should always keep our projects a to z detail and not to take help from these kind of person, if you will take help they will take your work credit.
Always report to boss if your bad colleague made any kind of mistake in project, If you do not tell the fault of your bad coworker with your boss, then he will tell the boss before you to hide his own mistake and the sympathy of the boss will go towards him.

Be confidence with your project or work

Being confidence with your work is a sign of that you are the best employee, nobody can insert his neglect thing to your project, some time we do not have confidence on us, our bad colleague take advantage for this and tell to boss that you are not doing right thing or have no idea about  that project and he suggest other idea to boss and take credit of those work.

Don’t tell your weak point to any one

Sometimes we tell our weak point to others we don’t know that person’s nature, he can tell to others that thing and it will create an invisible negative atmosphere to you. So always hide your weak point from others.

Be ready for new challenge of work

As per my nature I always ready to take new challenge of work, by accepting new work challenge we do that work and learn lots of experience from that task, it present us good and hardworking front of boss.

Be punctual with your time schedule

Time don’t wait if it passed it will never come back, always come office with your time bond and finish all your office task on timely, some colleague who Sneaking behind will never want you to finish your task on timely, they always wait for your pending work and tell to boss, so be honest with your work and complete task on timely.

Always get in touch with your boss

For being with in touch with your boss mean while working if you have any scruple with your task contact direct to your boss not your bad colleague, he can tell you wrong thing about that task, so always believe on you.

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